Useful Websites – as of Dec 4, 2017, with partial update Nov 12, 2019 – and other action ideas

A few of the many good websites on Palestine issues +/or opportunities for participation in nonviolent resistance

This does not pretend to be an exhaustive list, but each of these sites will lead you to others, and so on.  The websites listed below are those that appear on the most recent version (Dec 4, 2017, partially updated July 21, 2019) of the handout I distribute at my book presentations and to purchasers of the book, where possible – it is not identical to the list at the back of the book itself.  I aim to keep this list up to date and revise it as the handout is revised, but please, if you discover that any of these links have changed or ceased to work, do let me know via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thanks, Maxine

Action ideas – followed by URLs of media and organizations of interest


·         Get involved/ find out what groups are active in your community.  Some possibilities are local groups of Friends of Sabeel – North America (a Palestinian liberation theology-based organization, Jewish Voice for Peace (in the US) or Independent Jewish Voices ( in Canada., , and are also useful resources, and the United Church of Canada and the Presbyterian Church in the US, among others, have excellent material on their respective websites.

·         Stay informed/ learn about the issues. Some excellent resources illustrating the situation “on the ground” and nonviolent options for change:  Talk by Israeli solidarity activist and cofounder of Combatants for Peace, Yonatan Shapira (3 Nov 2015) in Vancouver: (talk) (QA); 5 Broken Cameras film: www.       watch?v=NUrzhnSALwM  ; Budrus film: from (small charge to support their work) or directly at   Memory of theCactus: a story of three Palestinian Villages film:  The Iron Wall- a bit dated, but still of current interest-settlements and the wall, historical perspective;   The Wanted 18The “intifada cows” of Beit Sahour. Download at  –  $5.99 for 48hr rental  or purchase for $14.99 personal or educational use.

·         Respond to urgent actions from Palestinian and Jewish sources (e.g., the abovementioned and ActLeft ( – often the Hebrew notices are accompanied by Arabic and/or English)

·        Lobby government: e.g., to end collusion in the Israeli-imposed ongoing siege of Gaza; to cancel arms trade and other involvements by Canada and the US in Israeli military or policing and Israel’s involvement in ours.

·         Respond knowledgeably and peacefully to provocative or ill informed assertions by supporters of the occupation.

·         Get unions, churches, pension funds, etc. to divest from Israel bonds and companies supporting the occupation. 

·         Boycott and/or divest from companies profiting from and/or supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  –  Find out about local BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) activities and groups.-  Bring BDS initiatives to your workplace, school, or faith community; organize educational events.

Some of the many useful websites on Palestine issues +/or opportunities to support or join NV activism

Alternative information sources  

Recently added:   replaces former site ( of this joint Palestinian-Israeli news outlet and activist centre in Beit Sahour, West Bank. Israeli Occupation Archive, including links to articles by Noam Chomsky, Amira Hass, Rashid Khalidi, Ahmed Tibi, Haneen Zoabi, Gideon Levi, and many other commentators, as well as to some fascinating-looking books. Gene Sharp’s think tank for the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts worldwide. Activist resource site with information, photos, action ideas, and more (Anna Baltzer) B’tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.  Issues detailed reports, respected by Palestinians and Israeli progressives alike.  Publishes news, commentary, analysis, and reference materials about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Includes blog by Ali Abunimah, author of One Country: a bold proposal to end the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. – nonpartisan media service of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement in Beit Sahour  Occupation Magazine (daily) articles from Israeli and Palestinian anti-occupation press and organizations. media reports and analysis from the point of view of former PA Minister of Communication (Unity government of 2007) Mustafa Barghouthi’s Palestinian National Initiative Party Palestine News Network: independent Palestinian journalists and editors who  report from a Palestinian perspective and strive to empower the Palestinian people and their cause, particularly that of nonviolent resistance to occupation. as well as the older, but still relevant Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance to Occupation Since 1967 and other American Friends Service Committee resources supporting NV resistance in Palestine and Israel.  – includes excellent, up-to-date maps of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and related info. independent, blog-based web mag; life and politics in Israel/Palestine, mainly Israeli anti-occupation point of view. an independent US-based site documenting “the war of ideas in the Middle East” from anti-occupation pov.

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Information – – introduction to and constantly updated info on the movement and associated campaigns, victories, etc. – Website of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel, including basic PACBI documents and articles about normalization and other boycott-related issues. – a project of the Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace, this site lists companies and institutions, Israeli and other, which profit from and/or contribute to the Israeli occupation.

Activism you can Support and/or Participate in:  Programs for internationals by organizations based outside the region

cpt.orgChristian Peacemaker TeamsCPT places violence-reduction teams in crisis situations and militarized areas around the world at the invitation of local peace and human rights workers” including a number of places in the southern West Bank. – Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel of the World Council of Churches “… protective presence to vulnerable communities . . .report human rights abuses and support Palestinians and Israelis working together for peace.  Back home, they continue working for an end to the occupation, respect for and implementation of international law. – Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace; check out their student internships, faculty delegations, seminars, and more. – International Women’s Peace Service: Nonviolence alongside Palestinian activists since 2002.  Dir Istiya, near Nablus.

ifpb.orgDelegations to Israel/Palestine since 2000 to build “network of informed and active individuals who understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict . . .”.  Led by some extremely knowledgeable activists.

A sampling of Palestinian or Israeli organizations with programs for Internationals – Committed to the principles of nonviolence, “HLT seeks to develop spiritual, pragmatic, and strategic approaches that will empower the Palestinian community to resist all forms of oppression . . .” – Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Maps and analysis regarding Israel’s growing apartheid, home demolitions, and other aspects of the “matrix of control,” etc., a `must-see`site.  -“. . . gain knowledge through first-hand experiences and to use that knowledge to make positive change in the world. . . . [including] to pressure Israel to comply with international law.”  Unplugged and “re-plugged” programs. – a non-governmental non profit  in Beit Sahour, Palestine creating links between Palestinians and internationals through educational tourism, interfaith and ecumenical dialogue,  culture, and youth exchanges. Family organic farm-based project embodying Palestinian steadfastness and ecological awareness southwest of Bethlehem, Palestine. Year-round programs for volunteers.

Some ongoing Palestinian or joint campaigns – with Israeli/ International participation: – ISM (the Palestinian-led International Solidarity Movement) site with reports from volunteers and Palestinian coordinators of nonviolent resistance in Palestine, reports from other groups . . .links to ISM groups world-wide.  Network of grassroots Palestinian groups and international supporters  – no ties with political parties or donor nations: build mud-brick schools, homes, gather /disseminate information on govt/settler abuse. Recently opened first Palestinian library in the valley. – Recent history and plight of the Jahalin Bedouin, many of whom face eviction for second or third time since the 1950s, demolition of homes and schools, etc.  Excellent video documentaries “Nowhere Left to Go” and “High Hopes” (2014)  Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel “working  to [construct] a true Arab-Jewish partnership.…[and]  to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and to achieve full civil equality for all Israeli citizens.”  Arab-Jewish movement struggling against the occupation and for social justice within Israel.  Palestinian-Israeli project providing “green energy and clean water services to off-grid communities . . .”

Miscellaneous groups of interest  Testimonies from Israeli soldiers and border guards, gathered in order to “force Israeli society to address the reality. . .” of “abuse towards Palestinians, looting, and destruction of property” that is familiar to soldiers.  CWP worksto end the occupation, stop the siege of Gaza, expose the economy of the occupation, resist militarism, empower and mobilize women, reach out to youth and . . . women in Israel/Palestine across borders  . . . ..”  Israeli and Palestinian former fighters acting together to end the occupation and all violence. Gaza Community Mental health Programme founded by Dr. Eyad Sarraj. Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality: supporting unrecognized Palestinian villages in Israel  against militarism and for the `civil-ization`of Israeli society.  Support for military refusers, etc.  Residents of the S’derot region (southern Israel) and Gaza strip who have built relationships going back to 2006 – opposing the blockade of Gaza and advocating against racism and for a humane solution for the region.  Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF), a joint Palestinian-Israeli organization of > 600 families who have lost close family members. Dialogue and other activities aimed at promoting reconciliation.  documents human rights violations, provides legal aid and counselling, and . . .[urges] incorporation of international human rights standards and basic democratic principles in Palestinian law. “Physicians for Human Rights-Israel endeavors to promote a society that is based on the values of human rights, solidarity, social justice, equality and mutual assistance for all populations under Israel’s responsibility.”  Rabbis for Human Rights – active in social justice, Palestinian rights and more.  Sabeel  Palestinian ecumenical grassroots liberation theology movement; support groups include” who opt out of “the continuing  oppression of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. . .” – small group of Israelis working closely with villagers in the Nablus region and South Hebron Hills, supporting healthcare, empowerment, and more,” and reporting on home demolitions, setter attacks and other “grave events.”  Israeli group raising Jewish Israelis’ awareness of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948; Joint South Africa visit with –> exciting discussions of Palestinian right of return:  – also…. 1769-art9.html, …1770-art9.html, and …1771-art10.html

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