Creative Resistance – 1993

Creative Resistance: Anecdotes of Nonviolent Action by Israel-Based Groups was published in 1993 by my then employers, the Alternative Information Center.   A Hebrew version (somewhat shortened for budgetary reasons) came out the following year.  Besides the anecdotes mentioned in the title–all described in interviews with the activists in question–CR include an introduction giving a capsule history of modern active nonviolence and an appendix comprising, among other things, a nonviolence bibliography, Gene Sharp’s now-well-known list of 198 nonviolent techniques, and a sample outline for a nonviolence training session.

In short, CR was part of my “campaign” to inform activists in Israeli and mixed Israeli-Palestinian groups of what each other were doing, while at the same time conveying the message that their activities were, in fact, solidly within the international tradition of nonviolence–something that was not at all apparent to many in those days. I had hoped to find a Palestinian who was in a position to compile a similar collection of anecdotes of nonviolent action by Palestinian groups–which I knew were happening all the time, but weren’t generally known by the English- (or Hebrew-) reading public–which I didn’t feel qualified to do.  I was unsuccessful at the time, so when the idea that became Refusing to be Enemies began to take shape nearly a decade later, I decided that the project would not go ahead until I had found a Palestinian partner–which I did in the fall of 2002, when Ghassan Andoni accepted my invitation to work with me on the book.  Jeff Halper (of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) joined us early in my first interview trip, in September of 2003, and both Ghassan and Jeff provided invaluable editorial input throughout–as well as interviews and analytic essays; Ghassan and his colleagues at the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People also introduced me to numerous other Palestinian nonviolent activists, so that numbers of Palestinians and Israelis interviewed for Refusing to Be Enemies were approximately equal.

But back to Creative Resistance

Only 500 copies of CR were ever printed, and the original computer files are long lost.  Here it is in two PDFs, typo’s, grammatical errors, and all. If you have a recent version of Adobe Reader, you should be able to rotate them for easier reading.   Please enjoy.  I did!  Creative Resistance – first half ; Creative Resistance -second half

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