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Children in the Israeli occupied West Bank, arrested on suspicion of stone-throwing and similar offenses, are routinely tried in military courts (Israel is the only country to do this, according to US-trained attorney Jonathan Kuttab, who has lengthy experience practicing law in both Israel and Palestine); they are often forced to confess to additional crimes "they may or may not have committed" and to implicate others under duress, and "The US Department of State notes documentation that this treatment includes ‘beatings, long-term handcuffing, threats, intimidation, and solitary confinement.’” This is "no way to treat a child"!

I hope you will take the time to read the excellent article by CFSC staffperson Matt Legge at the below link, and watch the accompanying You Tube video from Defense for Children International. I will be sharing these with my present (Liberal) and former, pre-gerrymander (NDP) MPs, and I hope you will also consider sharing with your elected representatives.


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