Dear Followers of RefusingToBeEnemiesTheBook,

It has become clear to me that I’m not much of a blogger.  I have a Middle East e-list to which I post regularly, but posts via email to this site haven’t always worked as planned, and making the extra trip is just something I haven’t often taken the time to do.

With my sincere thanks for following this ‘blog’ and my apologies for the above, I’d like to invite you to subscribe to my Middle East list directly.

Maxine with demonstrators at el-Arakib, April 2012

Maxine with demonstrators at el-Arakib, April 2012

Since it’s self-moderated, you can get off as easily as on, by sending me an emailed request.  For now, to deter purveyors of spam, I’m asking those of you who are interested to send me your email addresses via the below contact form.

With thanks and best wishes,