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[ This article (see link in previous
posts MKL], also by an involved Montreal organizer– addresses some of the reasons why there is little to no coverage in the English media, and offers some other resources as well. If you’re interested in keeping up to date more regularly with English media, Rouge Squad, this page and this page are all amalgamating or translating English media (of varying quality). Open File Montreal, the Montreal Media Co-op– both community media sources here– are offering some of the best coverage so far form on the ground. If you want to watch the protests live, every night, go to the Concordia University TV Livestream.

As well as wanting to give some of you an idea of what is going on here, I am also writing in part because there is a lot of need for outside support. We need people to be writing articles and doing radio shows that are well informed and supportive (as I mentioned above, the CBC coverage, as one example, has been astoundingly inaccurate). There is a need for pressure from outside of Quebec on the provincial Liberal government, particularly with regards to the repression and violence they are perpetrating. This is a need for solidarity actions, particularly economic disruptions, that put real pressure on governments and institutions. There is also a need for money. For those of you who have some, or who work for organizations or unions who might, here are a few places to start.

  • The CLASSE legal committee, as I outlined above, is fighting hundreds and hundreds of criminal cases, tickets, and other infractions with extremely limited resources. As they put it, “Not only must we help those being unduly criminalized and facing injunctions undermining their right to associate, but we must act now and make sure that the criminalization and judicialization of a political struggle does not work and set a precedent that endangers the right to free speech and free assembly. You can send you donation directly to the order of “Fonds de défense légale 2012” to the following address: Att.: F. Dupuis-Déri, Dépt. Science politique, UQAM, Case postale 8888, Succursale Centre-Ville, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3C 3P8). Donations may also be made online using Paypal via the following address:
  • CUTV (Concordia University Television) has been the only media outlet providing live coverage of almost every single demonstration to date; they work tirelessly and have caught some of the most important footage of the strike to date. In response, they have been beaten, arrested, and harassed almost every night. Their camera equipment has been broken and smashed by the police on numerous occasions. If you want to support community media, they’re a very good place to start. Go to
  • The Maison de la Greve, one of the central organizing locations for the student strike, pays their rent and other costs entirely through donations. Their support page of here; if any of you need help navigating the site in french, let me know.
  • A few friends and I are getting together an ongoing program to train people in First Aid and emergency medical responses during demonstrations, something that is currently sorely lacking. Though we will be able to provide the training for free, we need to finance the actual first aid kits– so if any of y’all are interested in supporting this venture, let me know.

Most importantly, of course, there is a need for people to struggle in their own communities, on their own issues, and I would love to hear about that work from you as well. If y’all have any questions or thoughts, I would love to hear them. With love and solidarity (am thinking about you all often!)