Yesterday we (ISMers from Nablus) were part of a large group of Palestinians and internationals (apparently over 200 in all, including a busload of Danish tourists!) held a bike rally/ demo that began on a village road in the Jordan Valley. When we attempted to access the main highway (Route 90, whose Jordan Valley section is called “Gandi’s [sic] Road” after the late extreme right-wing Israeli minister of tourism, Rechavam Ze’evi -nicknamed Gandhi apparently because of a costume he once wore to a Purim party), the group was blocked by Israeli military and border guards.

One army officer was particularly brutal, attacking peaceful bikers with the but of his gun and sending three (two ISMers and a Palestinian woman) to hospital for treatment, one of whom required stitches to his very painful jaw). There’s a video on YouTube documenting the attack:

I couldn’t resist adding this info (in slightly different words) to the wikipedia page on “Highway 90 (Israel)” ( We’ll see how long it stays there.

[ As of writing this,my Wikipedia edit has  been removed as a possible copyright violation . . . . If anyone knows how to reverse this automated censorship please let me know; I don’t understand Wikipedia’s instructions on this]

btw, The reason my hands are flapping in the last bit of the video clip is that they were cuffed in front of me (my arresting soldier was actually quite gentle, cuffs not too tight, etc.–but in the process, he apparently removed the batteries from my camera to prevent my taking more pictures; thankfully didn’t take the SD card, closing the battery chamber afterwards to delay discovery of the theft!).