Today I found out from a person who was closer to the action than I yesterday that our de-arresting attempts were preceded by random grabbing of additional conference participants by border guards.  I hadn’t seen that, since people in front of me were taller, and all I heard was sudden scuffling and yelling.

After the arrests were completed (I believe we did de-arrest at least one or two folks),  the soldiers continued roughly shoving us towards the marketplace,

Abdullah Abu Rahme from Bil'in was one of those detained but later released

which is separated from the area where we were walking by a full-height, checkpoint-style turnstyle, at one point compressing our group towards the turnstyle, yelling at us to move along, despite the fact that only one at a time could pass through.  They finely listened to reason and let us move at the slow pace that was possible.

Although at first we heard that the arrested internationals and at least some of the Palestinians had been released, today we learned that two Palestinians were still in custody and two Italian nationals were being held pending deportation.  One of these will be appealing the deportation order, which generally comes with a 10-year ban on entering Israeli-held territory.