From the IJV-Members list

Dear all,

The IJV-Canada Steering Committee has unanimously endorsed the Jenin Freedom Theatre’s Freedom Bus project.

From September 23 – October 1st, The Freedom Bus will engage locals and internationals in a 9-day ride through the West Bank of occupied Palestine. During this ride, an ensemble of Palestinian actors and musicians will use Playback Theatre to listen to, and enact the personal accounts of community members throughout the region. Performances will be themed, inviting lived stories that describe the impact of settlement expansion, land appropriation, political imprisonment, home demolitions, the Wall and other realities. Communities will also be invited to share stories that underscore the rich Palestinian history of popular resistance and sumud.

Passengers on the ride will include internationally renowned human rights defenders, artists, writers, intellectuals and others who can help bring attention to the state of egregious injustice that exists in occupied Palestine.

The Freedom Bus will be a focal point for supporters around the world who wish to learn about life in Palestine under Israeli occupation, and who wish to stand in solidarity against the apartheid structures that violate the human rights and sovereignty of the Palestinian people.

For more information, please contact or visit